Sagas Ad 1080X1080Professional actors, amazing desserts, thrilling mystery and a night you won’t soon forget!

This Monday, June 4th at 8pm, experience a murder mystery/escape room fusion that will have you and your group interacting with live actors, eating delicious desserts and solving a crime!

Your night will begin eating cake and pie, drinking tea and coffee and meeting our suspects as they welcome you to Manor.

Soon after, a video sets things up for you and your fellow detectives. The butler and lady of the house will coordinate your investigation as you move from one beautifully themed room to the next…as the suspects share everything they know…or only what they want you to know!

At the end of the night, you will name who you think the killer is, and be entered to WIN a free escape game at Escape Code!


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(Oh, I almost forgot! Save $5 per person with code EVIDENCE.)

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