EXACTLY what to expect at Branson's most THRILLING new attraction: Sagas Mysteries!

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Since the Sagas Mysteries concept is NEW to most, we thought it would be helpful to precisely explain what you can expect during your adventure! Many say it's similar to a live version of the game Clue. Add to that a unique escape game element, and that's about right!

  • The doors open 30 minutes prior to the event. You will be welcomed by one of the Windsor Manor staff members and assigned to a detective agency and shown to your table. The 3200 square foot venue is themed and theatrical, a perfect place to solve a murder!
  • You will be seated along with the other detectives, up to 40 in number, during the staff interactions and video briefings. Then, you will move out in your small group to work together to solve the crime.
  • As you enjoy an old silent movie on a large movie screen, you will have the opportunity to eat chocolates and wrapped cakes and other desserts. Hot coffee and tea are also available, and you are free to eat and drink as much as you'd like throughout the event.
  • Then, the mystery begins! You will be greeted by a Windsor Manor staff member, and they you will watch a short video explaining exactly what happened and why you, as detectives, have been summoned.
  • After the various detective agencies watch the video, each team will be assigned a specific room in Windsor Manor. You will attempt to unlock boxes, collect evidence and, at times, interact with Windsor Manor staff…or other intriguing characters.
  • A twelve-minute timer will let you know just how much time you have in each room before you are called back to your table.
  • You will then watch a video interview with people Mr. Windsor, the deceased, knew. The information in the videos will be important, so be sure to take notes!
  • Then, you will move into your next assigned room.
  • In all, you will investigate five rooms, 3200 square feet and watch five interviews.
  • At the end of the event, you will discover just what happened. Will you and your team correctly identify the murderer, the murder weapon, the location of the murder and the motive?
  • Our actors will be available for pictures and to answer questions about anything you were not able to solve. You will also be able to go back into any of the rooms at the end of the event to connect any unconnected dots!
  • This 2+ hour experience is unlike anything you've ever seen!


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Sagas is a unique compilation of mystery theater and escape games. Whether you are looking for a fun team-building activity or you just want a little after-dinner entertainment, Sagas will prove to be an event to remember. The affair begins with hot drinks as you get ready for a night of mystery solving. Then grab a flashlight, hunt for clues, discover secrets and solve puzzles as you rush to unravel the mystery! You may encounter live actors as you move from room to room, but trust no one. There is a killer among you!

Our first saga, The Windsor Heir, commences as you and your team are called in to investigate the murder of Charles Windsor, the wealthy beneficiary of the family fortune. Charles Windsor had countless enemies, but who would want him dead? With no wife or children, who served to benefit from his demise? It’s up to you to determine the motive, discover the murder weapon and hopefully catch a killer!

Escape Code has been creating extraordinary escape games since 2015. We are excited to present our newest venture: Sagas!

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