Mildred, Sarah and Commander Montgomery will be waiting for YOU at Sagas Mysteries TUESDAY and SATURDAY this week!

This was so much fun! We brought a friend for her birthday! We wanted to make it special and do something different to do in Branson! This is it! So we’ll done! Over two hours of great entertainment! Highly recommend! Great family fun or great group fun! ~Debbie

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A special TUESDAY production was added THIS WEEK!

What can I expect at Sagas Mystery Events?

Sagas is a unique compilation of mystery theater and escape games. Whether you are looking for a fun team-building activity or you just want a little after-dinner entertainment, Sagas will prove to be an event to remember. The affair begins with hot drinks and sweet treats as you get ready for a night of mystery solving. Then grab a flashlight, hunt for clues in the 3200 square foot property, discover secrets and solve puzzles as you rush to unravel the mystery! You may encounter live actors as you move from room to room, but trust no one. There is a killer among you!

Our first saga, The Windsor Heir, commences as you and your team are called in to investigate the murder of Charles Windsor, the wealthy beneficiary of the family fortune. Charles Windsor had countless enemies, but who would want him dead? With no wife or children, who served to benefit from his demise? It’s up to you to determine the motive, discover the murder weapon and hopefully catch a killer!

Sagas is the perfect event for groups, birthday parties for adults and older children (aged 8 and over), school and church groups, corporate groups and anybody looking for a one-of-a-kind adventure.

Specifically designed for groups of 2 to 40 players, you will interact with live actors, enjoy coffee, tea and treats and spend approximately two hours solving the mystery.

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