Sagas Mysteries

What can I expect at Sagas Mystery Events?

Sagas is a unique compilation of murder mysteries and escape games. Grab a flashlight, hunt for clues in the 3200 square foot property, discover secrets and solve puzzles as you rush to unravel the mystery! 

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Escape Code has been creating extraordinary escape games since 2015. We are excited to present our newest venture: Sagas!


In the not-too-distant future, you find yourselves in an apocalyptic scene, part of the Zeros, resistors to a suddenly emerging one-world government. You are sent to investigate an abandoned shopping center, the last known control center of Zeros District 2.

You make a terrible discovery: all your District 2 comrades have succumbed to a lethal contaminate. Worse yet, you have been exposed and have only 90 minutes until you face the same fate. Watch the videos and follow the clues left behind by a fellow Zero to determine the antidote before your time (and your life) expires!

Frequently Asked Questions

Sagas Mystery Events

Sagas Mysteries

If you have questions prior to booking, call us at 417.365.7999 or send us a message.

Sagas Mysteries